What to Buy after your Camera

Your camera is the single most important piece of equipment you need to make your film, but what do you need next.

So you’ve just bought your first camera, but that’s not the only piece of camera you need to make your film.

At the start there are so many pieces of camera equipment to look at it can be a little overwhelming. So we have put a list together of the top 5 things you should buy after your camera.

[Top down of camera equipment going on table white board]

50mm Lens

Canon 50mm F1.8

50mm is a really good looking focal length to shoot at, and most 50mm lenses will allow you to stop down to f1.8 if not lower.

This will allow you to achieve a shallow depth of field which always just looks good.

Try not to shoot eve  rything at F1.8 though, it can be difficult to keep everything is focus especially if your subject is moving.

I’d rather see your subject in focus then a completely shallow background, and F2.8 or F4 still can look good when using a 50mm lens.


What to Buy after your Camera - Tripod.jpg

It sounds daft saying this but get a tripod, and try and get something that is going to last you a long time.

I bought this tripod about 5 years ago for about £150.

When I had a little spare money I upgraded the tripod fluid head to something that could take more weight and then added a leveling base to make using the tripod easier.

You can find tripods that cost £30, but you want something with a little weight and strength to it even if you are just using a DSLR side camera.

Get a good pair of legs which are going to last and you can always upgrade your head in  the future.


What to Buy after your Camera - Slider.jpg

A tripod will allow you to lock your camera down and help you think about the composition of your shots.

You can add movement with pans and tilts but if you want to add dynamic movement the next piece of camera equipment you could by is a slider.

Sliders will allow you to achieve shots like this: Slide from left to right revealing your subject. Slide from left to right whilst panning to keep your subject in the middle of the frame. You can push in. Push out. We have a video all about camera sliders if you want to learn more about them.


What to Buy after your Camera - Microphone.jpg

Video is nothing without sound and your cameras on board microphone just won't cut it, so get something like a Rode video microphone to start with as it will definitely improve your audio.

But to really improve your audio get the mic off your camera and as close to your subject as possible, if you get a Rode videomic get a 5 meter 3.5mm jack extension cable so you can still plug the mic into your camera.


What to Buy after your Camera - Reflector.jpg

You can pick up a 5 in 1 reflector for less than £20 depending on the size you want.

We have a 110cm one and it is great to add a little more bounced light onto your subject with the white, silver or gold side.

The black side creates a negative fill so light will not bounce off it onto your subject. The middle section of the reflector will help you diffuse your light also.


Yes this is the six item on the list, but “top 6 things to buy after your camera” does not sounds as good.

Your camera's sensor needs light, at first start with just using daylight then move on to using lights and bulbs you have around in the house.

We recommend not to buy cheap work lights, the colour you get from them is not great and if you are planning on shooting videos for other people they don’t look very professional. 

You can get light fixtures like these which use household blubs, you can upgrade them in the future by add a can light attachment to help shape your light, then get different types of bulbs.  The edge/backlight on me right now is that light.

What to Buy after your Camera - Lights.jpg

When you need more light you can pick up a set of 3 800w lights that are dimmable, have light stands and come with a bag for £112.  We have had this set of lights for about 3 years and they work great.

You can also start with these £30 160 LED. The colour is not great from them but they work well as an edge light.

There are lots of over things you can buy to help shape or change the colour of the light, but buy them when you can.

This all might seem a lot but you don’t have to buy the model of equipment we have suggested, and you don’t even have to buy it brand new.

Filmmakers are constantly upgrading their kit and selling on there old kit which they have properly kept good care off.

So see if you can buy second hand and it will definitely save a little bit of money. 

This is the basic kit you need to shoot most things, so now you have it go out there shoot with it and tell stories until you feel you need more equipment to tell better stories.

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Blub Holder: http://amzn.to/2yrdwTZ

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Tripod Head: http://amzn.to/2jLiKX1

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Reflector: http://amzn.to/2hfMNFx

Rode Video Mic: http://amzn.to/2fBfTvy

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What to Buy after your Camera


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