Tangle Free Cable Magic Trick

Cables: not the most exciting bit of kit, but still super important. Knowing how to wrap them correctly is crucial if you want them to last a long time and have them unravel without knots or tangles.

Let me show you the first common mistake.


Don’t wrap your cables like this ^. This will tangle it all up and twist the inside of the cable which will eventually cause it to break.


And definitely don’t wrap your cables like this ^. All you’re doing is stretching the cable, and again, it’s gonna break.

To prevent your cables from internally twisting and breaking, slow yourself down and try this:

Instead of forcing the cable into loops, let it do the work. All you need to do is hold the cable out in front of you, give it a gentle twist with one hand, then bring your hands together. This will loop the cable without twisting the inside.

Let me tell you how and why this works. Imagine you’ve just jumped inside the cable and it’s now hollow like a tunnel. You’re inside the tunnel and it has a floor to stand on. You can walk along to the other end in a straight line no problem because of the floor. But what if the cable winds around and down and loops like a winding staircase? You still want the floor of the tunnel to remain on the ground.

By adding a gentle twist and letting the cable loop itself when you bring your hands together, you are keeping the floor to the ground.


If you did it like this ^ the floor will eventually ride up the wall and onto the ceiling. This will twist and break the inside of the cable.

Okay, that’s part one! Your cables will now last a lot longer. Now for a tangle-free method!

You might notice that even with this gentle-twist technique your cables will still get a bit tangled after you pull them out of storage. This is because the loops will not always stack in perfect sequence. In storage, they will likely fall into each other and start to tie up the loops.


The trick here is to add a reverse loop on every other loop. This will make the cable unravel completely tangle free by creating a stop-gap between the loops, preventing them from accidentally hooking into each other.

So begin with a gentle-twist and let the cable loop. Then on the second loop, bring the cable into itself to create a loop which will stack inside itself rather than on top. You will want to do this with every other loop. It’s ridiculous but it honestly works.

It’s time to stop treating your cables like rope and give them some care. It takes a little more time and care when you wrap them, but it means ultra-fast deployment when you need them quickly.

Wrapping Cables

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