Storyboard Using Photos | Season 2: Episode 3

If you have the same lack of drawing talent like we have, drawing storyboards can be a pain. You don't know who is who, your perspective is all wrong, and only you can understand them.


Here is a really simple and productive way of creating storyboards without having to pick up a pencil.

There was one particular scene in Corpse which needed to be thoroughly planned. 6 cast, 4 crew, a trek to the location, and the likelihood of heavy rain; for us, with was a big deal. With this in mind, figuring out the shots from poorly drawn storyboards was a disaster waiting to happen. So instead, we rehearsed.

We all got together in my living room and rehearsed the scene. The actors, the crew, everyone. We tested the make up, we tried different lines, and we shot the scene.

"You shot the scene!? In your living room!? Are you mad!?", ahh, but this is where storyboards come in. We worked around the actors as they rehearsed, positioning and finding our shots. Then it was a case of getting the footage on the computer, and exporting the frames.


Line them up in Photoshop, add some shot info, and there you have it; you got a visual shot list ready to take out on location.

Storyboard Using Photos.jpg


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