Should You Buy a Camera Monitor? | Feelworld FW759 Review

We invested in our first camera monitor a few weeks ago. We didn’t want to spend loads, but at the same time we didn’t want to get something which was a total waste of money.

We settled on this: the Feel World FW759. Question is, is it any good? Let’s find out.

Before I go into my opinion of the monitor, I’ll quickly run through the specs.

• 7 inch screen at 1280x800 pixels
• Display is a backlit LED.
• Built in Speaker, Stereo Headphone jack, Wire Remote OSD Controller
• Uses HDMI
• USB socket for updating firmware
• It is roughly £100. Or $139.


Okay, let’s start with the pros!


First of all, it can be both plugged into the wall, or powered by batteries. What is great about this monitor in particular is the type of batteries it uses. It uses Sony NP batteries, which are the same batteries we use for our cameras, lights, pretty much anything we use here at the Film Look. So compatibility is great.



I haven’t used many monitors before, so I can’t say if the quality of this screen is better or worse than another particular monitor. What I can say is that it is certainly better than the screen on the back of the Sony A7s, which might seem obvious but it’s worth pointing out to those who are sitting on the fence about getting their first monitor. With a bigger and brighter screen, you can certainly see a lot more detail in your image. The resolution is ideal for this size, 1280x800 is more than enough, you can barely see the pixels, unless you look real hard! It also comes with a sunshade that velcros on. Very handy!



After reading some reviews of the cheaper range of camera monitors, a lot of people had complained about latency issues. Well, this has pretty much none. You can use this monitor as a perfect shooting guide for framing. The very little latency it has (because all video devices have latency, some are just better than others) it will not disturb your shooting.


So in a way this is a pro and a con. Because it is light, it’s more likely to break if you drop it. I’ll talk about the downside later on, but as a pro, it’s really light, which means it will reduce fatigue on run and gun and handheld shoots.


It has some really handy on screen features such as 4 function buttons you can set. We use focus assist, centre markers, and safe frames which is great if you are planning on slapping an anamorphic letterbox on top. Just a quick note, the focus assist isn’t amazing, you can usually just nail focus by eye.


Speaking about cons!


This monitor will not survive many drops. It has a cheapish plastic feel, and I imagine if I really wanted to, I could snap it with enough force (if I really tried, that is!)

But, if you don’t intend of kicking it around, I’m sure this won’t be a problem. We don’t need armoured kit because we usually don’t get into situations which warrant such tough equipment. But I imagine if you are in tougher situations and are prone to dropping things, this isn’t the monitor for you.

We chose the FW759 over the FW759p. The P version comes with a bunch of extra abilities; histograms, under scan, exposure, and false color. But for the extra £40, we really didn’t need those extra features because the cameras we use already have them and we usually shoot with both the monitor on, and the camera screen for extra visuals.

From the money we saved, we bought the combo pack which comes with a battery, charger, and carrying case (which is totally worth it by the way! Great case).


So far this monitor has come in really handy. We not only use it for framing and keeping focus on the job, but we spin it around and use it as a guide when presenting to the camera. We also hook it up to the top down for framing our overhead shots.

In all honesty, I wouldn’t have thought a camera monitor would be so useful. So if you are in two minds whether to get one, just get it, they really handy!

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