Run and Gun Sound Setup | Season 2: Episode 6

Here at the film look, we often double up and sometimes triple up on crew roles. As well as directing Corpse, I was also the sound recordist for the film. So I needed a quick and easy way to go from a sound guy to a director and I think I found a decent solution.

This is my run and gun sound recording setup.

Shotgun mic, housed in a furry blimp, with a pistol grip. A micro boom pole ready on standby.


Tascam dr40, tied to my belt, set in dual record mode. It records a 2nd audio file 12db under. This is really handy incase you clip the audio and don't have time for another take.


A carabiner, attached to my belt loop, ready to clip the blimp and the XLR leads away when I needed to use both of my hands.

This setup was fast and efficient, and was used on every shooting day once I figured it out.

Run and Gun Sound Setup.jpg


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