Mixing | Episode 8: Indie Film Sound Guide

The Indie Film Sound Guide is a step by step series teaching you all of the basics to achieve better audio for your films. This includes preparation, recording, and mixing. The guide uses a scene shot specifically for the guide, and follows a proper workflow from start to finish. This is everything you will need to know to start recording great sound for your short film!

In this video we talk about what you have to do next once you have finished editing your film and you have a picture lock. This is when you start to make the sound of your film sound just as good as the look of your film. We are by separating each actors dialogue with in Adobe Audition, and set there level between -6dB and -24dB. Adding room tone will help to fill in any silence between dialogue.

Adding foley and sound effects is all done in the mixing process, so once you have re-recorded cups being put down, doors opening and footsteps you can add these into your edit.

Anything we didn't cover? Leave us a comment and we'll create a wrap up episode at the end of the guide, answering any questions we missed!

More tips in the video.

The Indie Film Sound Guide is a step by step series teaching you the basics of recording sound on set.

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Mixing  Episode 8 Indie Film Sound Guide


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