Light up your Camera Bag for less than $16 (or £16)

Today I’m going to show YOU a really cheap and simple way to add LED strip lighting to your camera bag without glue, tape, or nasty adhesives.

Instead we are going old school - we are going to grab a needle, some thread, and hand sew the lighting strip into place!

Finding equipment in your camera bag at night or in a dark environment can be difficult - especially considering everything is pretty much painted black. We’ve toyed with spray painting things bright colours in the past, such as our infamous orange lens caps.

But when you’re on a night shoot, something even as bright as this can get lost in your bag. So what can we do? It’s time to customise.


You can pick up a battery powered LED strip light on amazon for £7 (or $7.89 for our american cousins watching). And grab yourself a hand sewing kit while you are at it for 8 quid (or 8 bucks for the yanks). You can find links to the items we used in the description below.

This is all you’ll need to start, now just pick the bag you want to light up!

I’m going to be converting this Porta Brace camera bag as it’s always the bag which seems to create a dark void of oblivion.

First of all, work out where you want to attach the LED strip.

Choose somewhere in your bag where it doesn’t puncture the outer surface, such as an inner ridge or seam where a sewing line is already visible, like this spot here. This will avoid spoiling the outer protective surface of the bag, especially if it is waterproof.


I found that sewing 10 loops around the strip at a time, then moving an inch along and repeating the process worked pretty well. It was secure whilst not blocking the light from the LEDs. Find a pocket or sleeve for the battery pack to sit and you are all done!

By sewing the strip in rather than gluing it in place or using something like velcro, it just means you won’t get a horrible residue in your bag. It also means you can simply cut off the thread if you want to remove it.

Now you won’t have to hunt for your torch or use your phone as a light. Simply flick the switch to see inside your bag at night. And if you really want to, you can always activate disco mode.


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Light up your camera bag


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