Feelworld Master MA7 Monitor Review

The Feelworld Master MA7, now that’s how to name a monitor, and is what we are going to be reviewing in this video.

This is the 4th Monitor we have reviewed on this channel, so let's see if this one is better than rest.

Build Quality


Let's start off with the build quality of the MA7. It is the best out of all of the monitors we own, as this one has an all-metal body and the others are plastic.

I still wouldn’t recommend dropping it but if you do, the MA7 should be able to take a harder hit than the others we own.

There are 8 buttons on the top of the monitor. Power, menu, 4 to navigate through the menus and 2 custom function buttons.

When you’re not using the menu it would be great if the left and right buttons were also function buttons. Currently, they are being used to change the volume as this monitor has a headphone jack.


Having the volume controls set as 2 of the main buttons is a bit of a waste when they could be set to more useful functions you would use when shooting.

This could all change and be updated as the monitor has a USB firmware upgrade port.



The MA7 has both HDMI in and out, which allows you to daisy-chain the video signal to another monitor. This comes in handy if you have a focus puller who is operating away from the camera or if you have a directors monitor setup.


Just like all of the other monitors we own, this one can be powered via NPF Batteries or via a DC power cable.


The screen is 7 inches and has a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels. So it is super sharper and much is sharper than the Sony a7s camera monitor.

The screen has a 160-degree viewing angle, which means you can literally view the image from any angle.


You will have to calibrate this monitor to make it match your camera. This takes a little trial and error, by changing the colour tones of the monitor and the backlight brightness. I would say I got the colour, contrast, and brightness to about 95% there.

We’ve had to calibrate the 4 different monitors we own, so it’s not just the Feelworld Master MA7 that requires this.

This monitor will work with 4k cameras as well, with the resolution sticking at 1920 x 1200.


The MA7 does have a latency of around 4 frames, but the other 3 monitors we own all have the same latency. We’ve used these monitors on all types of projects and you really don't notice the latency when shooting. You only notice it when you go frame by frame which you are never going to do.

Software Features

We are seeing a trend with the monitors in this price range. They all have the same software feature and most have the same interface, so let's talk about the ones we use the most.

The first function button is set to false colour, the second is set to zebras and you can even set the IRE exposure level to match up with your camera.

I personally like to always have centre markers on, and sometimes we will use the ratio markers to help frame up if we plan to add film bars in a post.

This monitor also has an audiometer which you can have a screen at all times which is a nice feature to have.

What’s in the Box

The monitor comes with 2 HDMI cables, a mini and micro so you can start using it straight away depending on which HDMI socket your camera has.

Ours also came with a battery, but you will definitely need more.

The monitor comes with a sunscreen hood. First, you have to clip on the frame and velcro the hood onto that. A problem we have found is that when you clip the frame on to the monitor it hides the graphics which indicates which HDMI socket is which, as you have HDMI in and out.


We’ve added a little bit of gaff tape onto the frame so we know which one is which as we like to keep the frame on the monitor.

This is just a design fault and does not affect the operation of the monitor in any way, but it’s worth knowing.

You also get a standard ball head mount, which isn’t the best one we ever had, so if you are looking for a monitor mount check out our video on the AndyCine hot shoe mount.

We think it’s the best one out there. You can find a link to that video at the end of this one.

Depending on where you buy this monitor will depend on what accessories you get in the box.

If you do want to buy it you can find a link in the description, it really helps the channel out if you use it.


So is this monitor better than the 3 other monitors we have? The long answer is if you are looking for a new 7-inch monitor you’ll not be disappointed with the Master MA7, especially for the price.

The monitor has a little bit of setup, but this is no different from the other monitors we have, the viewing angle is great, and it has all of the software features you need.

The most important thing is that the monitor does not slow you down and get in the way when shooting. It just works.

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