1 Essential Tripod Trick | a Filmmaker's Review

A tripod is one of the most important pieces of camera equipment. I am going to show simple tripod trick you might not of realised you needed to know. 

Let’s start off with your tripod at its lowest position. On most tripods, when you want to raise them you unclip one of the legs and extend it. Then if you want to make it even taller you extend the next leg.

Here is where the trick comes in:

When you extend the first leg, make sure you release the clip which is the closest to the ground. Now the tripod legs look like this...

Release bottom clip first.jpg

...and the next clips are halfway up the tripod, meaning you can stand and easily access the clips in arm’s reach to further extend the height of your tripod legs.

Lets reverse back and release the top clip at the start instead of the bottom one. Now the tripod clips are at the bottom of the tripod, meaning you have to kneel right down to release the tripod legs which are no longer in arm’s reach.

the wrong way.jpg

So that is the trick, and you might not think it is a big deal and you might already do this, but compared to all of the other tripod tricks this is the one you will use every time you use your tripod.

This tip works when your tripod is at it highest and you want to lower it, but you do everything in reverse order. Release the clip which is in the highest position to lower your tripod, now all of the clips are in the middle of tripod.

This is a simple tip but once you start using it, you will soon realise how much easier it is to extend the height of your tripod by choosing the correct clip. It will save you a few seconds of time every time you do it, but over time it will save your knees and back.

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