"Locks" with Max of Valley Films! | Story in a Can

Max of Valley Films joins us this week for a session of STORY IN A CAN. From 160,000 possible ideas, STORY IN A CAN is a way to break writer's block, get past the creative funk, and start to think of more original and creative ideas.

In each can there are 20 locations, 20 objects, 20 characters, and 20 scenarios. We pick one from each of the cans and try to come up with a film idea on the spot. Sometimes they are bad, but sometimes we turn the idea into a film.

Watch the video to see what stories were made.

We were also recently featured on Max's podcasting talking about collaborating with others. 

And you haven't already, check out his channel and get subsrcibed to stay notified with his films.

Click here for Max's Channel


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