Filmmaking Cliches: Should You Avoid Them?

Everybody wants to make unique and original films.

Nobody wants to be the person who made something predictable and cliché. But this sort of thinking can actually be detrimental. Instead of creating something you really love, you are putting all of your effort into making sure it ISN’T something!

In my personal opinion, I think cliché is something we should embrace in the early stages of our filmmaking careers.

Chances are, your new film is pretty similar to something someone has already made, and avoiding cliché is just another worry you don’t need to be concerned with.

Creating cliché or predictable films is a filmmaker’s way of stretching their muscles and trying out something they haven’t done before, using the existing material as a blueprint for a new exercise.

So in the spirit of this, we’ve compiled a list of indie film cliché moments. We’ve been guilty of many of these in the past, and we have even shot a few extras just for this video.


Filmmaking Cliches - Camera in the Fridge.jpg
Filmmaking Cliches - Zobie Movie.jpg
Filmmaking Cliches - Waking up.jpg
Filmmaking Cliches - No Story [Necuase Guns].jpg
Filmmaking Cliches - Unnecessary Travel Shots.jpg
Filmmaking Cliches - Lens Flares.jpg
Filmmaking Cliches - Melodrama.jpg
Filmmaking Cliches - Black & White.jpg
Filmmaking Cliches - Alcohol.jpg
Filmmaking Cliches - Dutch Tilt.jpg
Filmmaking Cliches - Blue Shadows.jpg
Filmmaking Cliches - Drugs.jpg
Filmmaking Cliches - Morning Routine.jpg
Filmmaking Cliches - Staring at your Reflection.jpg
Filmmaking Cliches - Shot from the trunk.jpg

If you’re having fun making your movie, and you’re learning a lot from the process, you’re making progress no matter what you’re shooting. You might not win any awards , but you’re one film closer to making your masterpiece.

Filmmaking Cliches Should You Avoid Them.jpg


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