Customise Your Lens Caps

Lens caps not the most exciting pieces of camera crew equipment but still important. I always seem to misplace mine so how to find a solution for this. It's time to customize.

First thing I had to tackle was the colour. As all film equipment is black so I chose a bright colour that really stands out and for me that's always orange.


I didn't want to spray the original lens caps, so I bought some cheap ones or maybe I took them apart, sanded them down, so the paint would have something to hold on to.

Then spread them apply multiple coats after each layer dried, then I put them back together so I could start using them.


The first attempt didn't actually work and the reason for this is because I sprayed all of the different sections of the lens caps. This caused them to stick together as there was not enough room for them to move around.

Thinking about it I should have known this and it's pretty obvious this would happen. So I decided to start work on Mark 2.

I ordered more lens caps, took them apart, this time I masked around all of the edges that touched each other, sanded them down, spread them with a primer and give them multiple light coats with the orange.

Once dry, I took the masking tape off, but them together and hope this time it would work.


My first impression was they look pretty cool they definitely stand out, but most of all they work

To further customise the lens caps I added labels to each of them so I will know which lens they belong to. Then I add a strip of Velcro to each of the cups so it would stick to this section of my bag.

Now on the lens caps are visible, quick and easy to find. So let's see if this stops me from losing them.


Customise Your Lens Caps.jpg


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