Choosing the right Music | Episode 6: Video Production Guide

In this video we are going to talk about some things you need to take into consideration when choosing music for your next short film or client project.

Welcome to The Film Look and episode 6 of the Video Production Guide.

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Adding music to your film is another way to tell your story and the wrong music can change the mood and tone very easily and tell a different story than you intended.

With each scene in your film you need to think about a few things; what do you want the audience to feel? Will the music drive the scene?

For this scene in our short film Keep The Change, our main character is at his highest level of stress as his car has just broken down and if he does not deliver the pizza on time he is going to get fired.

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In this scene we want our audience to feel the same tension our delivery delivery is feeling. 

Another question you need to ask when picking music for your film is ‘Will the music work with the other audio in the scene?’. 

The other audio in your scene could be your character's dialogue and the foley sound effects which also help you tell the story. If you add music into your scene and it is taking away from the story because the other sounds are being drowned, think about having no music, not every scene needs it.

Client video

Just like a short film a client video has a theme and a mood.

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There are lots of different places you can get music for your productions. Places like the YouTube music library is a good place to start and it is free, but after a while you will find it a little limited.

We have been using a website called premiumbeat to get all of our music for client videos and short films for over 2 years now. They have a wide range of genres and subgenres, and all of the music you have heard in this video is from premiumbeat.

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Finding the right song can be time consuming. Sometimes you will find the perfect track right away and other times it will take hours. 

One of the main reasons we use premiumbeat is because they allow you to download a range of different lengths of the preview track. This allows you to add the track to your edit and see if it fits the tone of your film. On other sites you have to play the track in your web browser, then click play in your editor which can be pain.

Just remember to tell your client that music is a preview track, so they aren’t confused when they hear a voice saying ‘’ in the background.

For the videos we made for this guide we edited the videos to a suitable track we found on premiumbeat, then sent a draft version of the videos to our client. If they did not like the track for whatever reason we can change it without paying for the music. When the video has been signed off by your client, that is when you can purchase the track as you know they are 100% happy with it. 

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Choosing the right Music for your video


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