Video Production Guide

Video Production Guide


A great way for you to fund your short films is to make client, corporate, and promotional videos for others. If you have a camera, tripod, microphone and some lights, you have the basic equipment you need to make these videos.

The Video Production Guide is a step by step series teaching you the basics of shooting videos for clients.



Episode 1: Get The Job

Living in the digital age; a multitude of businesses, companies, and individuals are looking for videos for a range of different needs. They are also willing to pay for them!

That’s where a filmmaker comes in. But, how do you find the work, and how do you secure a video production job?



The Client Video

For the video production guide we created a client video for Pamplemousse Recording Studio. We did this to show the types of videos you can create for small business.



Episode 2: How Much To Charge

If someone comes along and asks you to make a video for them, knowing what to charge can be tricky to work out.In this video we are going to give you some tips on how to work this out.



Episode 3: Pre-Production

In the last few videos we have spoke about how to set up your video production company, get a video job, and work out what to charge.In this video we are going to talk about preparing for the shoot.



Episode 4: How to Shoot an Interview

Knowing how to shoot an interview is an essential part of making documentaries and videos for clients, but how do you shoot one?



Episode 5: Shooting B-Roll

In the last episode we spoke about how to shoot an interview. Most videos will need some form of B-Roll to layer over the interview and that is what we are going to talk about in this video.



Episode 6: Chosing the Right Music

In this video we are going to talk about some things you need to take into consideration when choosing music for your next short film or client project.



Episode 7: Editing and Feedback

You’ve finished shooting your client’s video - now you need to edited it.