Footsteps Sound Pack MEGA BUNDLE

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Footstep Sound Pack Thumbnail.jpg

Footsteps Sound Pack MEGA BUNDLE

15.00 60.00

Purchasing the MEGA BUNDLE saves you $21 if you need all surfaces!

The MEGA BUNDLE from the FOOTSTEP SOUND PACK includes every surface: Carpet, Earth, EVA Foam, Gravel, Hollow Wood, Pavement, Sand, Solid Wood, and Stones.

They feature a range of different walking styles including standard, heavy, light, shuffles, heel-to-toe, and jumping.

All sounds in the FOOTSTEP SOUNDS PACK have been recorded in a low noise environment.

Each step is performed individually, recorded as a “single”, so you can sync the steps to your film with plenty of room on each side of the cut.

They have been recorded “dry”, lacking reverb or acoustic bi-products, so you can add the necessary reverb in post production to suit your scene.

Purchasing this pack will contribute towards The Film Look being able to keep the lights on in the studio, so thank you!

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